Mixed Media Projects



  1. Social Security for UOWs: Design of a multi-media and communication strategy in Karnataka, India
  2. Photography and Poster: A campaign for the SDGs 2030 in Hamburg
  3. Photography and Brochure for the rehabilitation center BFW in Hamburg


Design of a multi-media and communication strategy to achieve behaviour change with participants/stakeholders, considering the semiotic system and creating a response and reward system.

The complete campaign was conceptualised, photographed and designed between 2012 and 2015 by Sabina von Kessel, TDCI, for GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit/German Society for International Collaboration and Ministry of Labour, Bangalore.

It consisted of

  • Systematic research with communities, unorganized workers and panchayats (the village organisation for local self-governance), in several villages in Kamataka, to find out which visual semiotics and communication channels make sense for the participants, since there was no existing data
  • Conceptualization and implementation a multi-channel communication and branding strategy, which were together with the results of the research published in the brochure “What do you see? Design of a Communication Strategy to Promote Positive Change for Unorganized Workers in Karnataka, India”
  • Design a new visual identity, posters and other print material social media, a website and material for the press
  • Design and photography of an ad campaign, to be advertised on billboards, buses, autorickshaws and in newspapers
  • Photography for GIZ image bank, Portraits of participants, unorganised workers
  • Presentation and negotiation of the communication campaign with government stakeholders
  • Conceptualized 7 TV- and 3 radio spots (TVspots with Firiri Films, in a team) and the film “Service at your doorstep”
  • Concept of a web platform which advocates towards government stakeholders, journalists and multipliers
  • Design of the conference design of the international conference by GIZ, “Single Window Services, Social Security and Youth Employability” and presentation of the campaign during the conference
  • Research on semiotics, communication with illiterate workers
  • Writing, photography, design of the brochure “What do you see? Design of a communication strategy to promote positive change for unorganised workers.
    (61 pages)
  • Brand development
  • Posters for RSBY and Construction Worker Welfare Board
  • Development of a system for community workers for data collection on tablets
  • Portfolio here  Social Security for Unorganised Workers in a Single-Window-Service.
  • Awareness Tools2

2. How would you like to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in Hamburg?

A campaign for the SDGs 2030 in Hamburg. A collage with citizen portraits in front of the city’s background with personal statements of how the protagonists would like to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Poster campaign for Sustainable Development Goals. Photography and Design 2016/17 by Sabina von Kessel, TCDI

For SID, Society for International Development, Hamburg.


3. Photography and Brochure for BFW, Berufsförderungswerk Hamburg

Photographed, designed and written by Sabina von Kessel, TCDI

When I worked as a faculty for mediadesign in the BFW Hamburg, a center for rehabilitation, I photographed the participants and wrote their story down, for the center’s promotion material.



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